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I had a break for a long time, so I became a little rusty with most of my fandoms. You can only imagine my joy when I saw new Steven Universe episodes and finally Osana's January update. Yup, the first days on 2017 looks very promising!

So, since I have this oppournity of changing that old journal of mine I would love to talk a little of what amazed me the most. If you haven't seen any of new episodes I advice you to stop reading or you'll may ruin yourself wonderful we go!


I absolutely adore "What's the use of feeling" song! Yellow Diamond's voice actor made a wonderful job on it, and the whole scene puts Yellow's and Blue's relationship in the new light. The last part when she was just humming the rest of the song broke my heart a little.
What I like in Steven Universe it's that it never states who is "bad" here, no one it's completly a bad person here because everyone has it's own reasons of why he may act "mean" ans we can relate with almost every of them even if it's a villian. 
For example: With Andy. It could be very easy to show him just as a racist, mean guy and leave him so watchers could just hate him. No. Steven Universe shows something above that, a lonely, confused person that can't find themself in the new reality. It doesn't judge or shaming. Maybe that's why I like this show so much, and I'm really happy that Yellow and Blue aren't showed up as a blank "just evil" figures, but two sad women that are trying to handle the death of their their own way.

Also I felt kinda funny watching that episode because of how Yellow and Blue Diamond reminded me of Zircon's and Yellow Quartz's XD It was kinda like watching my own imagined scenario on TV. Of course I'm not even trying to compare myself with Steven Universe crew. Everyting in Yellow's and Blue's relationship is heart touching, polished and unique, and this episode only motivated me to work, so maybe my writing will get on this level. (Seriously tho, I may redraw these scenes with Zircon and Yellow in it just for shit and giggles XDD)

I was never really a big fan of Ruby's and Sapphire's relationship (I love Garnet's character of course, but their relationship always seemed too...invasive for me) but I must admit, I really enjoyed the parts when Sapphire's was showing some of Ruby's influence durning these episodes ("Let's change the future"), and when Ruby was helping her durning talk with the Diamonds. I may say that pairing slowely grows on me.

Blue and Yellow Pearl are so cute XD both of them! I would love to see how other Roses looks like.

I loved the scenes of Steven and Greg in Korea XDD and all people in the Human Zoo are so...creepy yet attractive XDD Greg the heartbreaker!

Also, as you may know, I love every new news on Quartzes from the serie so the new episodes really filled my expectation on them <D I was really happy to see skinny Jasper (she's super cool btw) and the whole group of dorky Amethyst's is just... so cute XDD 

I'm really looking foward for new episodes!


I was really happy to see new update of Yandere Simulator after such a long break. Durning breaks like that I usually watch works and theories of other fans...but well...I really love YanSim and it's concept, but when it comes to it's fandom, I sometimes feel kinda ashamed to be a part of it. I won't bring up any specific cases I'm talking about, to not hurt anyones feelings, but I only appreciate YandereDev's work more seeing with how much of hateful feedback he has to deal with.

On a bright side, I LOVE the turn the game is taking now, expecially when it comes to Senpai's sanity meter, and the option to leave him notes and gifts. I really like seeing Ayano and Taro becoming deeper characters than just a "psyhopath" and a "boring guy" I have my trust on YandereDev and I'm 100% he will show us much more of amazing features like this.

Ufff that's it I guess ^ ^ What are your thoguht on the new updates? I'm really curious!
  • Listening to: Yellow Diamond's amazing voice
  • Watching: Yandere Senpai over and over, and over, and...


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