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Gem Night Club vol. 2

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 3, 2016, 12:01 PM
Ok :> This time I'm writing it as a journal, since it would be way too long as a status update.

OK a little Update on a Gem Night Club :>
I wanted to clear up some things and answear your questions.

1. All gems will be allowed, no matter if they are fusions, homeworld, crystal, half-gems, cluster gems, corrupted gems ect. The Owner doesn't mind as long they won't cause too much trouble.

2. Humans are no allowed. The platform is placed pretty high, so they wouldn't be able to breath there. I think that half-gems would be a little more stronger since Steven was able to stay unbubbled in space for some time and don't...explode. Shot out to :icondeamonett:

3. And this is pretty important. You don't have to make a new character to a group. Of course you can if you want to, but the Club is open for all gems, even for these ones existing in other courts. (If the rules of your court allow trips like that of course.)

There will be an character sheet for a Night Club, but only so you can show your gem in club clothes, and be easier recognized.

4. There will be no task in this group. I know it may make the group kinda dull, but I don't want to put a pressure on finishing some challenges. I would rather make Club a place where you can collaborate, make inside memes, and showing your ideas by yourself.

I also rather consider Night Club as just a location, not a court. You can be a staff of Club but it doesn't make you subject to it.

Of course if you guys would rather see it working as a normal court, I could come up with some tasks, respect point system, events and stuff...However I would need more people to work on this for me, since I knot I'm not that precise person to keep track of that. 

5. And yes as I said, your gem can be a Club staff, however slots would be limited. Also it won't bring you any privileges or respect points (Unless we make that point system come true). If you want your gem to be respected there...sorry darling, you have to work on that by yourself.

So don't be surprised when a Pearl with 10 pictures will be more respected there than a Diamond with only a Character sheet, and more feared than a Corrupted Gem.

It also comes to other strong gems. You can be an owner of your own court, but in Club your title means nothing.

6. I really liked the idea of you sending your songs for everyone to listen a.k.a DJ corner. I would still have to work on that mechanic tho. Shout out for :icontiablackraven: and :iconxthepandalovex:

7. The Battle mechanic would work in two ways. Eithers rivals would decide by themself who would win or send me a note about battle, so via Random Number Generator I would generate who will win, lose or a tie.

The owner of gem which lost will decide if they want them shattered or just ashamed.

8. I'm thinking about calling the club LIMBO or CLEAVAGE. Shout out to :iconkhimi-chan:

9. I would want all of you to be nice to eachother, but it doesn't mean that your Gemsonas can be cruel/mean to eachother. After all it's a Night Club not a kindergarden.

10. I've heard your ideas about gambling and bets, however I'm not sure how it would work here. You can always include gambling and bets in plot of your works tho.

11. No bases allowed. 

12. Shout out to :iconicyangel12: for amazing idea of a discoball made of shattered gems what lost at the battle or were shattered by the owner for not following rules.
OK XD So I already have the character of Owner.
To open group I need:

-Blank character sheet (working on it.)
-Some nice picture for the group page
-Some backgrounds and references so people could use them.

I would like to hear your thoughts about it ^ ^

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Now that we know that corruption spreads through fusion, that makes Citrines ability to force fuse a bit terrifying if she/they ever got corrupted.
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